Rural Internet has never been faster!

High-Speed Rural Internet

Whether your Internet needs are at home or on the farm, our approach is focused toward delivering a reliable fixed wireless solution.  We believe all people deserve fast, reliable Internet connectivity, regardless of where you live, and we do so using modern fiber and wireless solutions to reach even the most remote locations.

25/3 Mbps Wireless Internet

Everyday Price:

$65 per month

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Discounted monthly rates shown are valid for 12 months beginning at installation and requires 2-year agreement. After 12 months, standard rates will apply. After 24 months, $10 equipment fee will apply unless new 2-year agreement is signed. Fees, taxes and surcharges may apply.

+ $10/month wireless router. Router fee waived with 2-year agreement.

Installation Fee: $99 with 2-year agreement. $199 with no agreement.

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Service coverage requires connectivity to one of our fixed wireless towers. A professional technician will visit your home to locate the best signal with the intention of performing a full install. However, if we are unable to get a proper signal to your location, there will be no cost or obligation to you.

Services may not be available in all areas, and some restrictions apply. Check availability or call 309.944.2103 to check serviceability. Actual internet speeds may vary depending on your computer or mobile device’s capability and the number of devices accessing the internet at once. Higher speeds may also be impacted by third-party equipment or the limitations of wireless and home networking technology.

Capacity and/or connectivity can be periodically impacted by unusual conditions, such as extreme weather, that could misalign antennas. Contact us for help if you suspect this has occurred.

Service is limited to the coverage area of wireless network via line of sight. Distance limitations of wireless routers, number of devices and type of downloads and uploads may affect speeds. Speeds for downloads and uploads may vary. Unless a custom installation is pre-determined, all installation service is limited to one location within the home. Additional installation, equipment, equipment rental, or other charges may apply if it is required to gain an unobstructed line of site to our tower. Additional equipment may also be necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs.

What to Expect at Installation

On-Site Review

After you order service, a qualified technician will come to your home and work with you to find the best place to install the antenna on your property.


Our technician will install your antenna and the wireless router at your home. Each installation is unique, depending on your property.

Ready to Surf/Stream/Play

Our technician will test your internet thoroughly and help you connect your devices. Then you will be ready to start streaming, gaming, and surfing!

Fixed Wireless FAQ

How does fixed wireless work?
Our Fixed Wireless Internet relies on wireless signals and antennas, but unlike satellite, your antenna isn’t pointed at the sky. Fixed wireless internet uses point-to-multipoint signals, meaning your antenna points at equipment on top of a nearby water tower, elevator or other tall structure that is connected to our network.

This enables us to bring reliable 4G LTE internet to customers in remote locations that we are unable to reach with a fixed fiber solution.

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Is there a charge for installation?

Yes. There is a one-time $99 install fee when you enter a 2-year service agreement or a $199 installation fee with no service agreement.

Standard installation fee includes antenna, radio, basic mounting equipment, 100’ cable, locating the cable through one outside wall to the ‘included’ internal equipment.  Rooftop installation if possible. If signal cannot be established on roofline closest to the location of the internal equipment, and additional wiring is needed in the home, it will be billed above the basic install fee. 
All other expenses incurred, such as additional mounting hardware, hubs, network cards, amplifiers, extended cabling, and additional labor, will be at the expense of the customer.

Do I need to be present for the installation?

Yes. Someone authorized on your account will need to be present during the installation process. Standard Installations take approximately 2 hours.

Do I have to lease your wireless router?

Yes. For an optimum fixed wireless internet experience, we require use of our wireless router. Our router is provisioned to work seamlessly with our premiere wireless network. The router leases for just $10 per month but will be waived with a 2-year agreement.

Do you require a contract?

No. However, we offer a 2-year agreement that includes a reduced installation fee and waived router fee.

Do I have to worry about data caps?

No. Our Internet packages have no data caps, so you can surf, stream, and play as much as you want.

Do you do site surveys?

No, we pre-qualify your location using our in-house diagnostic software. We come onsite with the intent to fully install your wireless internet service. However, if we’re unable to get a proper signal to your location, there is no cost or obligation to you.